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Mantra Meadows, Ghaziabad

Payment Plan

Within 45 Days 10.00%
On start of excavation 10.00%*
On casting of foundation 7.50% plus parking charges
On casting of basement roof 7.50%
On casting of first floor slab 7.50% plus club membership
On casting of fourth floor slab 7.50%
On casting of seventh floor slab 7.50% plus EDC and IDC
On Casting of tenth floor slab 7.50%
On Casting of thirteenth floor slab 5.00% plus ECC,FCC
On start of brick work 5.00% plus power back up
On start of plumbing work 5.00%
On start of flooring and tiles work 5.00%
On Possession 5.00% plus IFMS

* -- Before This Bank Loan Will be Available if Applicable